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Sign below to add your name to our petition calling on our local politicians to take action, stop Target, and save unionized Key Food.

We will be emailing this petition with all its signatures to Target and the landlord, to demonstrate the huge number of interested persons.

We’ll also be sharing this petition and its signatures with local news media, potentially NYC government agencies, and others, to prove our strength.


Brian Cornell, CEO, Target
Djouma Barry, Sr. Group VP, Stores
Kiera Fernandez, VP, Human Resources and Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer

Cc: Michael Hirschhorn, President, Jenel Management Corp.

We are Astoria residents desperate for intervention to save the Key Food at 22-15 31st Street. We are gathered together in opposition to landlord Jenel Management, predatory corporation Target, and their efforts to eliminate over 150 union jobs and a vital food source in the middle of a pandemic. We demand that Key Food be allowed to stay, with rent and lease terms that are reasonable, and look like they have looked for the last several decades. We demand that Target and Jenel not force out the Key Food.

For many of us, Key Food is our local supermarket. We do not want to lose a nearby supermarket with good service and affordable food, forcing us to travel even further for groceries and daily needs. Evicting Key Food would mean eliminating over 150 union jobs in favor of fewer, minimum wage jobs with no benefits. Evicting Key Food will create more vacant storefronts, adding blight next to our vibrant small businesses, and encourage more corporations to force their way into our neighborhood.

Astoria has changed a lot in the last two decades. Over 20 years many of us have seen powerful corporations and landlords make Astoria more and more expensive, transforming it into a vehicle for investment. It is becoming harder to raise a family here, harder to live and work here, harder to shop here. Before the last decade it was possible to put down roots in Astoria for less than half a million dollars; now, thanks to gentrification caused by landlords like Jenel and corporations like Target, you must be a millionaire to afford property here, or earn upwards of $70,000 to rent comfortably.

As a community, there is only so much we can do, and so much that needs to be done. Saving Key Food is one small thing we CAN work on. Today, we are united to do just that. We stand in solidarity with over 150 union workers, fighting for their jobs so that we too can be entitled to a livable wage and working conditions. We stand in solidarity with small, local businesses that cannot afford skyrocketing rents and competition with massive corporations so that we too can be entitled to equal opportunity. We stand in solidarity against Target and corporations like it that see Astoria as a place of profit, not a community of families growing together.


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