Call, Email, & Tweet @ Target

We need to flood Target’s team with calls, emails, and Tweets to let them know we will not sit back and watch as they eliminate over 150 unionized jobs and a critical food source in our neighborhood, especially during a pandemic.

Tweet @ Target

Make sure to tag: Laysha Ward, Executive VP and CEEO- @LayshaWard and @target

Sample tweets

Parts of Astoria already have trouble accessing affordable groceries. Especially now, our older, medically vulnerable neighbors need safe, reliable, nearby grocery options.

But national chains like @Target don’t care about people. They only care about profit. #DontTargetAstoria

@LayshaWard Your company @target flaunts the “work you’re doing for communities during COVID,” while ignoring the harm you’ll do to ours by kicking out our Key Food supermarket in Astoria. Your actions are predatory; esp during a pandemic #DontTargetAstoria

@Target is on the verge of eliminating 150 union jobs and a dire food source in our neighborhood–during a pandemic. Key Food is vital to our community. @layshaward #DontTargetAstoria

At this time of rampant hunger in our neighborhood, @Target wants to evict one of our few local grocers and eliminate their unionized employees. This will only result in longer lines at local food pantries. #DontTargetAstoria

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The script below is only a guide, so feel free to speak in a way that feels personal and natural to you. If there is no answer, please leave a voicemail.


“Hi, My name is (Your Name) and I’m a resident of Astoria, Queens. I’m calling to demand Target cease its role in the eviction of my local Key Food at 22-15 31st Street.

Key Food supermarket has been in my neighborhood for almost 40 years and it employs over 150 unionized workers. To take away the jobs of essential workers and a crucial food source in the middle of a pandemic shows that Target does not care about my community. 

It is your corporate responsibility as a potential neighbor to understand the harm you will do to my neighborhood and our livelihoods if you allow the takeover of our supermarket. Our community needs to access affordable food in an accessible location. By taking this away, you are solely responsible for our food and job insecurity.

As a resident of the community, I want and need the Key Food to stay in my neighborhood. Thank you.”

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