Target is on the verge of eliminating 150 union jobs and a dire food source in our neighborhood–during a pandemic.

Join us IN-PERSON for a Rally outside Target’s Corporate NY Office on Thursday, September 17th at 4:00pm!

At this time of rampant hunger in our neighborhood, Target wants to evict one of our few local grocers and eliminate their unionized employees. This will result in longer lines at local food pantries, more of our neighbors struggling to pay the rent, and will speed up the gentrification of our community.

Take action with us in these 4 ways:

  1. Come to our Rally outside of Target’s NY Corporate Office on Thursday September 17th at 4:00pm to say no to Target in solidarity with our local politicians and community leaders.
  2. Call and Email Target. Reaching out to Target directly to let them know that Astoria stands united in defending Key Food’s unionized jobs will be critical to saving Key Food.
  3. Call them out on Twitter. Target’s website promotes the “work they’re doing for communities during COVID,” while ignoring the harm they’ll do to ours. Tell them how their actions will be devastating for our community.

Our Key Food at 22-15 31st Street is being forced by their landlord, Jenel Management, to move out so the landlord can demolish the building and make space for Target. This is part of a broader trend of wealthy corporations pushing aside longstanding Astoria businesses so they can transform the neighborhood and make huge profits. In the process, over 150 unionized supermarket employees at Key Food will lose their jobs in the middle of the COVID pandemic. Target will then likely hire at minimum wage with no benefits while nearby small businesses are forced out by Target’s predatory practices. Rents will continue to skyrocket and Astoria will become unrecognizable.

We believe enough is enough – Astoria is not for sale. Astoria will not be the next Williamsburg or Long Island City. If we want to see Astoria thrive, with good jobs from local businesses, we cannot allow greedy corporations to invade and profit off our community. We must work together to take Astoria back from corporate profiteers.